Whatever your family situation, you are very welcome at ChristChurch.

From time to time, we run courses to support and encourage all parents and couples. These are open to anyone from Redbourn or the surrounding area, not just to members of our church family.

Here at Christchurch Redbourn we use the Marriage Enrichment Course, devised by Holy Trinity Brompton, to allow couples to invest in their marriage whether they have been married one year or sixty.  The course lasts seven sessions.

Each session is designed to give couples the chance to spend time together over a light supper. This is followed by short talks interspersed with DVD clips, and then the chance to explore together relevant aspects of your marriage. One of the important features of the course is that that couples stay together throughout and are not asked to share their thoughts or discussions with anyone else.

Please contact Chris using the button on the right if you are interested in taking part in the next course.


From time to time we run 'Time Out for Parents' courses which are open to anyone in the local community.

They usually last six weeks and look at ideas around:

  • -reducing tension

  • -enjoying family life more

  • -feeling confident about your parenting

  • -building strong relationships with your children

  • -learning new skills for tackling defiance, anger, tantrums, rudeness,

  • arguing, sibling rivalry and non-co-operation

  • -sharing the ups and downs with other parents

  • -finding support

All information about up-coming courses will be posted on the website, but if you are interested in finding out further information or want to put down your name for the next course you can contact Jenny by using the button on the right.