How do we care for each other?
Where do we go to if we need help or support?

Growth Groups
Our aim in Growth Groups is to Grow! We want to grow in our
knowledge of God and our walk with Him. In order to do that well, we try to meet together regularly to encourage and support each other! If you would like to join a group, then please contact Chris on 07717 533609 or using the button on the right. 

We believe that God has called us to be a family, and growth groups provide us with a better opportunity to know and care for each other. You could make your need known to your group or the group leader. Each growth group has a pastoral co-ordinator in it and they’re there to make sure you receive the care and support that you need.

Pastoral Care Team

At ChristChurch we also have a Pastoral Care Team, who are
embedded among our Growth Groups, but are also available for you to contact at any time. You can use the buttons on the left to contact Katie, Fiona, Julia or Keely. One of our church leaders, Dave, is dedicated to overseeing our pastoral care at CCR, and you can call Dave on 07971 484 696, or reach him using the button on the left, as well as our Minister, Chris.