It's important to remember that what is happening around the world is very unusual. Nobody you know will have been through something quite this strange before, and it brings lots of unique difficulties with it. So it's perfectly ok if you find yourself acting or feeling unusually too. You might find yourself being more anxious, or stressed. Maybe that's because the virus makes you worried about your health or about someone else's well-being. Maybe it's because you're having to try and do your schoolwork on a tiny screen, with a terrible Wifi connection, and with other people in the house disrupting and disturbing you. 

Maybe you find yourself struggling in other ways; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

We would love to help. We have lots of people at church who aren't particularly qualified but would love to listen, talk things through, help in practical ways, and are very happy to pray with and for people too. 

If you find yourself really struggling, please get in touch. We can help you join with our youth group. We can try and find you help with schoolwork. There might also be other things we can help to arrange to help you if you are really finding things tough. If you'd like to get in touch, please use the button on the right.

Youth Group is back!

Youth group is back every Friday for the rest of this term! We will be meeting at Fish Street each week, and where possible we will be making the most of good weather to do our activities outdoors. Otherwise, we will be opening windows for ventilation, maintaining social distance as much as possible, and wearing masks for the time being - but we will be having fun regardless!

This half term we're looking at Samson, from the book of Judges. It's one of Mike's favourites...

We really hope to see you there - but we also have limits on how many we can have joining us! If you'd like to come along, please do let Mike know using the button below. It helps us to organise ourselves and make sure that everyone gets a chance to come along.

Hope to see you there!


Our youth worker is leading on a summer camp called 'Lakeview Junior' this year, and the video on the left is for their sister camp, 'Lakeview Senior'. They are in the same place (Reigate, Surrey) on the same week (15th-22nd August). 

We've been told that spaces are filling up VERY fast, so book now to avoid disappointment, using the links below.

Any problems, including if there appears to be no spaces any more, please let Mike know and he will try to speak to someone for you and see what can be done!