Fish Tank

8-9.45pm, at Fish Street, term-time Fridays

At Fish Tank, we have flown RC helicopters in the hall, had a pizza making competition, played 'milk-jug lacrosse', played malteser football, ate lots of cakes (as well as the aforementioned maltesers, of course), and we also fought off aliens (you're welcome, planet earth). Each week we also spend a bit of time thinking about something from the Bible.

This term, there'll be plenty more games from the strange minds and internet pages where those other ones came from - and we'll be thinking about 7 things Jesus said about himself.

We're open to anyone from y6-13 and hope to see you there!

Big Fish

8-9.30pm, at Jacques & Nicola's House, alternate Wednesdays

A new youth group for year 10s and up!
We meet at Jacques and Nicola's house. There will be games, as well as a chance to explore the Bible and our faith more deeply.

This term's dates will be:
17th & 31st January
14th & 28th February

13th & 27th March

Any questions, use the button just a little up and to the right to contact Mike!

Toast Time

10am, at Fish Street, before church (most Sundays)

Our secondary schoolers (y7+) join the rest of the adults in our Sunday services, but we do have an exclusive toast club just for them. Come along at 10am, where we'll have toast (and a veritable feast of spreads from across the known Co-op-verse) and spend 15 minutes thinking about the passage of the day. We'll then sit together for church (with more toast, if we want it!) 

On the odd occasion, we are invited to join a church family for pancakes. This term, that will be on the 11th February and 17th March.

Please do feel free to use the button below to contact our Youth worker, Mike, if you have any questions!

Hope to see you there!

Our duty of Care

At ChristChurch Redbourn we recognise the need to provide a safe and caring environment for our children, young people and vulnerable adults. This is detailed in our Safeguarding Policy. The Safeguarding Policy can be viewed using the button below.  Should you have any concerns whatsoever about anyone within the congregation please click the button to contact our safeguarding team.

This term...

If you have any questions about the term dates on the left, please use the button to contact Mike.

Stressed or Anxious?

If you're feeling stressed or anxious about something, it's important to remember that you're not unusual! Between school work, news and social media, and your friends and family, there's already enough to be worried about.
It's perfectly ok if you find yourself acting or feeling unusual. If you find yourself struggling in some way, whether it's physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually - please do speak to someone!

We would love to help, if we can! We have lots of people at church who would love to listen, talk things through, help in practical ways, and are very happy to pray with and for people too. 

If you find yourself really struggling, please get in touch. We can help you join with our youth group. We can try and find you help with schoolwork. We can set-up a coffee with someone at the church who might be able to help talk or pray things through with you. There may also be other things we can help to arrange to help you if you are really finding things tough. If you'd like to get in touch, please use one of the buttons on the right.


Our youth team, Mike & Anika, are leading on a summer camp called 'Lakeview' next year. The camp is split into two, for older youth (14-18s) and younger youth (10-13s). They are in the same place (Reigate, Surrey) on the same week. 

Bookings for 2023 are open now.
Book early to avoid disappointment!