Are You 100% Sure You
Want To Be An Agnostic?

Book by Andrew Sach & Jonathan Gemmell

Reviewed by Anika Pasquale

As a Christian, this book helped me understand the weaknesses of agnosticism, especially in light of the strengths of the Christian faith. I think this book would be an approachable, helpful, and enjoyable read for non Christians.


I really appreciate Christian writing with a sense of humor, especially when the author(s) is trying to communicate with both Christians and non Christians. Andrew Sach and Jonathan Gemmell are both humorous and candid in the book. They openly acknowledge then address the primary concerns of the agnostic. It is only a short book, so they get straight to the point. Their responses are simple and clear, taking a very logical approach in answering tough questions. They helpfully leave readers with clear questions to ask themselves throughout the book. They are often challenging questions, in the sense that they require the reader to “pick a side” instead of sitting on an agnostic fence.

The Art of Rest

Book by Adam Mabry

Reviewed by Anika Pasquale

Perhaps what I appreciated most about this book was the theology of rest woven all throughout, nonetheless being completely accessible and relatable to modern life. Adam Mabry helps us understand the command and truth about rest in the Bible, for God’s people historically as well as for Christians today. In a world where lots of doing is commendable and virtuous, I am thankful for a book that challenges our addiction to doing and aversion to stopping. 


Mabry helps us examine the nooks and crannies where we may hide from rest. Among other things, this book helped me recognize how I try to cheat rest, where I don’t trust God, and my fears of falling behind in life. Mabry talks practically, as well, about different ways rest may look, and how he and his wife navigate resting very differently from one another.


The book was challenging, but not in the “I need to overhaul my life now” kind of way. Reading it made me want to start chipping away now at what may take a while, that is, learning disciplined rest, but in order to get to know its rewards as God intended.