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Raising Kids
in a Hyper-Sexualized World

Book by Eliza Huie

Parents of teens face the challenge of raising their children in a sex–mad, sex–saturated world. Eliza Huie, a parent and Christian counsellor, takes you through, practically, how to walk with your teen in the midst of this hyper–sexualized world. The tips come in the form of what not to do, yet does so without giving a sense of judgment or failure. Instead, this short book takes a look at the value of reframing the mistakes both parents and teens may have already made and gives a hopeful picture of how our compassionate Father moves toward us in weakness.

Eliza Huie has written some other similar books which would be well worth a read, too!

Faith in Parents

Podcast by Faith in Kids

The Faith in Kids podcast is all about helping families raise children in the Christian faith. On this stream, you'll find lots of podcast for parents, presented by Ed, Amy and Jam, as well as a whole load of podcasts in Season 1 which are to be listened to as a family together. We’re not trying to give you the answers, but a few starting points. We hope and pray you’ll be inspired to give it a go. Every family can.

Everyday Dadding

Podcast by Ben Putt and Robin Barfield

Podcast to help you through as you think about being a Dad. Includes stuff on doing devotionals as a family, engaging with pop culture, depression, 'What if my kid doesn't want to come to church?' and Santa.


Aren't They Lovely
When They're Asleep?

Book by Ann Benton

Ann Benton used to run parenting skills classes in local schools. People kept saying 'This is great, where do you get this stuff?'
She came clean, 'Actually, it's from the Bible.'

This book contains the wisdom distilled from Ann's popular seminars on parenting the next generation. She uses a 'God's eye view' of what we are really like in order to help people who are seeking to be responsible parents in an increasingly child-centred society.

You will learn six key concepts: accept, beware, communicate, discipline, evaluate and fear the Lord. These are applied with understanding and sensitivity.