Illuminate is back!

This Friday, and for the rest of half term, Illuminate is going to be running again! 

It's going to look a little different! We're working hard to think of the safest ways to still have games and crafts and talks like we used to, but factoring in all the Covid-guidelines. 

One of the more unfortunate changes is that we are really limited in our group sizes! To start with, we are only able to take 16 children each week. But we will make sure that any children who want to come along will be able to attend as many as possible - even if it's not going to be possible quite yet to let everyone in every week.

So if you would like to attend, then all you need to know if let Mike know using the button below. Tell him all of the Fridays you'd like to come along to, and he'll let you know which ones you have spaces in! And hopefully we will keep creeping back to the way things were before!

We will be looking at the story of Samson this week. We actually have a comic here on our website that you can read, if you'd like! Parents be warned - Samson is quite a brute so it's probably not the best comic to just give to young children to read on their own!


Every time you come to Illuminate,

we make sure there are fun games

for you to play with your friends. 

Whether it's time for free play, or 

games organised by a leader, we'll

make sure you'll get to have fun,

and do things you'll never be able

to at home!


Some of you love making things

and we like to make sure there's

something for you to do at i8 too!

There's always something out for

you to get creative with, and often

a leader will help you to make 

something really cool to take home!


At i8, one of the things we love to do

each week is to open up a part of 

the Bible and really explore what it

means for us. We help to explain it

in a way you can understand, but also

in a way you'll really enjoy, too!