1. We will revert to one service from Sunday 25thJuly at 10.30am.

  2. Seating will generally be spaced out more.
    a) There may be some groups who are happy to sit a little closer together (e.g., a family or a couple of friends). That’s ok but generally there shouldn’t be a need to be ‘on top of each other’, so let’s keep some space.

  3. Mask wearing is now optional in England but there appears to be growing wisdom in wearing them in busy indoor spaces. We are therefore encouraging the continued use of masks for those who usually wear them.
    We are aware opinions differ here and would again urge us to seek to love and prioritise one another in this area.

  4. To help our environment, we will maximise ventilation and we should make good use of the garden before and after the service.

  5. Singing – we await confirmation but expect will be allowed to sing indoors after 19thJuly, and we look forward to praising God together in this way – it’s been a long time waiting for this!
    a) If the prospect of singing increases your concern about returning, would you please speak to Chris. Someone has suggested using the balcony or a section of the balcony as a no singing zone. It would be helpful to hear if this would be appreciated

  6. Zoom will not be used on Sundays after 19th
    a) We still plan to record the service, uploading the readings and talks to YouTube as early after the Sunday as we can.
    b) Zoom has been a wonderful help whilst we could not physically gather. We are so pleased that we can now get together again; praise God together; sit under his Word together and encourage one another face to face! For those who have already returned, I think it’s fair to say that it is so much better to actually be together.
    c) We do not want to leave anyone feeling isolated or cut off from the church family! If there are reasons that mean you are not able to return to the building, once again please speak to Chris or one of the Elders or a member of the Pastoral Care Team (Katie, Fiona, Julia, Keely) and we will do all we can to support you!

  7. Refreshments – some have been bringing a drink with them to church, and this is still completely fine! That said, it would now be good to provide tea, coffee and squash for those who would like to stay and encourage one another after the service.
    a) If you would be willing to help with this on one Sunday during the summer, please let Chris know. We will only be able to offer refreshments if people are willing to help.

    On the left are the ways that Sunday services are changing after the 19th July. If you have any questions, use the button below to email Chris.